I’ve been noticing many of the quilt and craft bloggers organizing their fabric stash and it seemed like such an appealing idea that I couldn’t help but emulate.

I love that pretty shoebox – it’s the perfect spot for all of it. Sorry for the slightly off-focus shot – the camera seemed drawn to my curtains and new coffee mug. (I love the blue/aqua/brown leaves. Kevin has a orange/red/brown one that makes him just as happy. It’s nice when we both get to win on color schemes.)

Here’s a bright closeup!

I waited until the very brightest part of the afternoon to take photos, but bright in Seattle in November is a laughable concept. We are in DEEP cloud season, and it’s been raining so much that all of the nearby rivers are flooding. So I had to use the flash, but the colors are still cheerful and so neatly folded. 🙂

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