We woke up yesterday morning to thick, ghostly fog. The view from my pillow:

And from the end of the bed:

Normally, given the house’s position relative to the hill, we can just see pine trees and the tops of neighbours’ houses from our room, but there’s something about only being able to see half of the normal field of depth that is wonderful and eerie. I kept snoozing, and the fog kept being there when I woke up. It finally burned off around 10, leaving just the normal thick clouds and deep grey. But this morning, we had a repeat performance followed by winter sunlight and blue skies – a wonderful day.

In an attempt to steel ourselves against the second half of January, we looked up the sunset times the other day. On January 25th, we’ll finally have all the way until 5:00 before the sun sets. By March 5th, the sunset will be after 6, and (in a daylight savings cheat) three days later it will be after 7! On March 17th, we’ll finally be back to having more than half a day of light (even if it’s the Seattle, clouded-over kind). We’re looking forward to that.

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  1. Cool fog! And interesting site for the sunrise/set times – no wonder you are desperate for the longer days!!

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