Kevin’s war against the moss progressed a step this weekend – he spent quite a while with a wire brush scrubbing away at the patio, and areas that he cleaned are now spotless.

Unfortunately, the wire brush disintegrated as he worked, and was forced to quit after only a portion of the patio because the brush had been worn down to stubs. Hmm.

While I was out photographing the progress, a delightful sight caught my eyes!

Mini daffodils bulbs coming up in one of my planters!! Once I saw that, I had to go see what else was sprouting, and was completely amazed to find these:

Remember my poor daffodils that actually bloomed through the mesh bag last year? Well, I went and planted them and the tulips in May, but then the stupid squirrels dug all of them up. And then we had a huge tree removed and the stump I’d planted them around was ground up. Yet somehow, it looks like at least twenty made it and are sprouting through the woodchips. I’m so enamoured with their verve for life, especially in the face of such trying circumstances.

Of course, it’s not really Spring quite yet (just to prove it, it snowed again last night).

But what plucky little flowers. 🙂

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