The first baby purchase!

Two weekends ago, we stopped by a baby store on a whim in between other errands. It was surprisingly fun, and since then we’ve both been steadily reading about cribs and other baby things. A few days later, our ultrasound revealed that we’re having a boy, and the game of envisioning the baby’s room stepped up a notch. At the crib store, we’d tried out several rockers and gliders and thought they were quite lovely but exceedingly unrealistic (the price tags of the “cheap” options were over $800 – right). In any case, I started stalking craigslist for the brand of rocker, and after dismissing many posts (ugly wood color, ugly chair model, very ugly fabric, etc), I found one on Sunday that looked just about perfect. We drove to one of those gorgeous Wallingford craftsman houses and brought home an allegedly eight year old chair that’s in perfect condition.

It’s incredibly comfortable. It will live in the family room for the time being, in the sunny corner by the windows. I keep smiling to see it there.

One thought on “The first baby purchase!”

  1. That is a great glider! We had a white one and I loved using it with all of my kids. Good purchase. 🙂

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