Slow, slow progress

The Sunrise Circle Jacket is coming together ever so slowly. I blocked the back and the left sleeve and front as a sanity check to make sure they’ll fit together when it comes time to seam. I’ll have to do a good job lining things up ahead of time, but it looks like it should work out nicely.

(The photo makes the yarn look black. It’s really purple. No idea what setting the camera was on to produce that effect, but I was running to work and didn’t have time to troubleshoot. At least you can see that lovely silhouette!)

On the way home yesterday, I found buttons that I’m really pleased with. So now, the greatest obstacle is finishing the right front. I’m on Row 53 of 104, and increasing 1 to 4 stitches every other row so it’s a bit of an uphill climb. Luckily, the Red Sox play the Yankees three times this weekend, so I’ll have good knitting time. We’ll see if it’s enough to finish off the front and switch over to seaming?

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