Flower help?

10 points to anyone who can tell me the name of this flower:

They’re big (a good 8-10 inches across), and the name has been on the tip of my tongue for weeks now. Whatever they are, they’re beautiful. The blooms are far too heavy for the stalks, so they tend to drape themselves languorously over the nearby azaleas, and in some cases just rest their heads directly on the driveway.

Sensational, showy things, and such a pretty color.

4 thoughts on “Flower help?”

  1. I second the vote for peonies. Recently on a walk I saw some contained in tomato cages to help prevent the drooping onto the ground.

  2. Yep they are peonies…I've got 3 of them and they finally bloomed this year!

    They actually have a metal cage that you put on top of them (much like you push tomato cages into the ground). They group up through the wire mesh on top and this holds them up!

    Luckily, mine never droop over since they don't grow taller than abut 18-24 inches. However, I think it's because they are in the sun. All the ones I've seen that grow in more shady conditions, they get very tall and lanky.

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