Favourite baby sweater

I’ve barely posted about this project at all, which is such a pity because I’ve loved working on it. I started about a week before we left for PA, then continued working throughout the trip, and finished the hat and bootees once we got home. The pattern is cute, but the part that pleased me the most was how wonderful the yarn is. It’s a bamboo blend, machine-washable, and so very soft and drapey. It just feels snuggly.

The back is simple, too – there’s something to be said about a pattern like this that just works the way it’s written and comes together well.

So now it’s off to go live in the cabinet with the pile of other baby things for a few more months.

One thought on “Favourite baby sweater”

  1. So cute – I can't wait to see it in use!! The bamboo yarn is interesting – I've seen that in sheets and they felt lovely.
    Very Canadian spelling in the title ( :

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