Suitable for pie?

When my sister was here, we were talking about the tree next to our patio and she asked what kind it was. I started to say some sort of fruit but we weren’t quite sure, when I looked up and spied…

… cherries!! Neat! That solves that mystery. Now the remaining question is whether they’d be any good to eat. I am sort of assuming that they’d be edible, but perhaps ornamental tree’s cherries aren’t? Is there a cherry version of the crab apple? Does anyone know offhand?

One more photo, this time of all of the late afternoon sunlight filtering through the branches.

It’s not the prettiest tree on the whole, due to horrendous pruning in its youth, but it does have its occasional merits.

One thought on “Suitable for pie?”

  1. I could be wrong, but that is probably not a cherry, but rather a small tart plum. Lot’s of the “decorative” plum trees planted will grow these little plums that are mostly pit. They can be yummy out of hand if you like tart things and if they are truly ripe. The best use for them is jam if you have enough because the acid will offset the sugar needed to set the pectin.

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