Moving on

During the effort to empty the closets (getting closer), we made it past another milestone: saying goodbye to dorm room furniture!

I’ve had these $12.99 mismatched shelves since college, and it is a happy thing to no longer have a need for them. They’ve served me well, in myriad ways (including bedside tables and living room side tables), but it’s so nice to bid them farewell.

Careful observers will notice Kevin’s new accessory. He’d hurt his shoulder playing football two weeks ago. He was limping along waiting for it to heal and then decided to go play golf with Larry on Friday – perhaps not the wisest decision. We made a late night ER visit where they were able to tell him that it wasn’t a bone or tendon issue. (Good, we think?) So now he gets to wear the shoulder immobilizer for a week and check in with an orthopedic doctor for followup. It’s been quite the week medically, between my wasps and Kevin’s sports. Hopefully we’re getting it out of our systems?

We did laugh though at my completely premature blog post claiming that all possible obstacles had been removed and we’d paint on Friday night. Practically daring Murphy’s Law to take effect. Luckily, I was only off by one day – we finished taping after yoga on Saturday, we both worked on edging, and then Kevin did the fumey painting with the roller. We need to do a few touchups before we can take the blue tape down, but so far we’re really pleased with the color. I’ll wait to take “after” photos until we get the new carpets in on Wed, but here’s a “before” from the doorway.

2 thoughts on “Moving on”

  1. I certainly noticed the sling on Kevin’s arm before any other details of the picture. Heal well and quickly Kevin!!

  2. I hope Kevin can push to get an MRI. When I hurt my shoulder nothing showed on Xrays. I then went through four months of rehab and cortizone shots before an MRI revealed the problem. PS…Does this make Kevin your Wingman?

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