RIP, Waffle Maker

After six years of weekly service, our waffle maker died in June. We were both so sad to see it go.

(Flowers are from the farmers market, and purchased for general enjoyment, not anything waffle maker specific…) We’ve been remarkably consistent with the weekend waffle tradition, and it’s been hard not having them to look forward to for the last few weeks. (Pancakes, while satisfying, are not as delicious to me, and with all the amazing fresh fruit right now it’s particularly unfortunate timing.) We had a hard time finding a replacement that fit our exacting standards around waffle size and indentation depth, but after two failed attempts through Amazon, we finally have our new dude:

We’re not declaring it an unqualified success yet, since we’re still figuring out what heat setting works best and the little “done” light doesn’t seem particularly attuned to reality. It also spits batter like no one’s business (the old one had this charming habit, too) and it’s a bit hard to clean. Kevin spent the first night removing the beeper, since it drove us both batty during the trial run. But for all that, it makes four waffles at a time (yay! We used to have to cook in batches.) and they are delicious.

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