Full term

Saturday was my birthday, and we had to interrupt the all-important waffle preparations to take a few photos of how big I’ve gotten. Saturday was two days shy of full term (37 weeks), and 3 weeks before my due date. My favourite photo of the set was one that Kevin took from my perspective:

Imagine the steady movement of hiccups (he’s still getting them pretty close to hourly), plus some pretty impressive acrobatics, and that’s been my view for the last few weeks.

This is an odd stage of the game – he could come tomorrow (unlikely, but not impossible) or five weeks from now. That’s an enormous span of time to be sitting in limbo. We’ve crossed off nearly all of our must do items before he arrives, including installing the car seat this afternoon. So now we’re down to a steady stream of less urgent house projects, figuring out handoff for projects at work, and generally whiling away the time until he decides to make his appearance.

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