A playpen for Bruno

My family all went to Brown – my parents (classes of ’73 and ’75) met there, and then I went (‘03), as did my sister (’05) and my brother (’07). It’s made me happy that Kevin (MIT) and I met right before senior year, so that he could get a good dose of the school before I graduated and moved on. So fast forward to pregnancy and when we knew it was a boy and weren’t forthcoming with a name, my dad dubbed him Bruno (an affectionate nickname for the Brown Bear – the school mascot). All of which is to say that I was very, very amused when college friends of Kevin’s surprised us with an amazing pack n play, and we opened the box to find this:

Brown and red, and with adorable little bears hanging from the sunshade:

We might as well employ the brown band to march around the nursery, playing Ever True. 🙂

Aside from the happy colors, it has all sorts of great features. We were planning on eventually getting a basic, cheap version (just the frame and the pad), but this has a bassinet for while he’s little, vibration and sounds, and a changer that folds out:

Neat! For the moment, it’s living in the otherwise empty nursery. We have the crib and shelves waiting to be assembled in the garage, but the carpet guys installed things incorrectly in that room, and so we’re waiting to set things up until they come out and redo it (eta: still unknown). Since we were planning to have him sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first little while anyway, it’s not seeming like a huge parenting failure to me, but it will be nice once we can finally have that room pulled together.

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