Actual knitting progress

In bits and pieces over the last three weeks, I managed to knit enough stitches to finish off my last pre-baby knitting project: a hat to go with the hydrangea sweater.

Despite its 15″ circumference, it looks enormous on him, so we’ll see if it ever actually fits. But I was so pleased to have it off the needles, and to be able to cast on for something else with slightly bigger yarn that this with its 7.5 st/inch.

Then, this morning, he fell asleep on my lap after nursing and I was able to cast on and get through eleven whole rows of a new project before he woke up hungry again! It doesn’t sound like very much, but it was such an exciting combination of cuddling time and “me” time. Kevin documented the setup: rocking chair, nursing pillow, baby, Kindle (I just subscribed to the NY Times!), coffee, pattern book balanced on my legs, and knitting.

Yay, even if it will take eons to finish any projects at this rate. 🙂

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