A little bit of crafting

I’ve been meaning to make a mobile for the baby, but I didn’t rush to finish before he was born (a case of completely misestimating the amount of two-handed crafting time that I’d have available). While Kevin’s parents were here for a week, I took advantage of all of the free bursts of time to make some progress on the project.

My vision was brightly colored wood and fabric dragonflies. I’d managed one coat of paint while pregnant, and in the last few days I’ve added a second coat, decorated them with polka dots, added a gloss coat, cut wings, and glued the wings to the bodies. 🙂 Here’s an action shot of the painting during the football games last weekend:

The wings make me happy. I’d been stalled on them, thinking that I’d sew them out of cotton and reinforce them somehow (posterboard inserts?) but that was seeming fiddly and like a lot of work. Then I remembered a set of placemats that we’d bought – they were supposed to be machine washable but then they shrunk badly. I was so disappointed and even though they’re no longer usable, I’d kept them. But now they’re quite thick and structured, plus still pretty – perfect for dragonfly wings.

I’m still needing some brightly colored yarn to hang them with, and then I’ll be done!

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