Off to meet the knitters

First evening social outing – off to meet my knitting group. H dressed for the occasion, in one of my fabric decorated onesies:

Plus booties and the matching sweater:

The yarn (a bamboo blend) feels wonderful and cuddly on him. The shoulders and sleeves are still a touch big, but it was pretty close to a good fit. The back was as adorable as the front – something about babies heads looks even cuter from the back.

If I had to knit the sweater again, I’d add an inch or two to the length – he has such a long body relative to his girth. Similarly, the booties could use another ¾” before the heel since he has the longest little feet.

He was a fussy little thing all afternoon, so here’s Kevin attempting to mollify him outside before we headed out.

3 thoughts on “Off to meet the knitters”

  1. It was so wonderful to see you! Henry is just a little dream. Thank you so much for letting me hold him. Such a sweet little guy.

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