New knitting

Either whoever it is that determines the correct size for commercial baby socks has never seen a real baby, or H has particularly long feet, but the baby socks we have are about half the proper length and do not stay on. I have some white aran-weight yarn left over from a sweater, and decided to try to make up some better-fitting socks:

I was all proud of coming up with a heel turn without consulting books or patterns. 🙂 Now we’ll see if I can duplicate it for a second sock since I winged the first one and neglected to take notes.

The aran weight is a bit bulky, but since his feet will be cold until I either complete socks or give in and buy more, it seemed like the larger gauge was expedient. Plus, this speed of project completion is even more satisfying than baby hats! And a great use of stash yarn to boot!

H sitting in my lap and tolerating some knitting time during Monday Night Football:

And a quick tangent: that onesie is one of the ones I embellished during those last weeks of pregnancy. I love the fabric – it’s the last remnant of one of my favourite cottons from the log cabin landscape quilt I made for our bed a few years ago.

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