Quick baby socks!

I finished the baby socks yesterday — even with only small random bits of knitting time they zoomed along.

I keep managing to misplace my pattern notes, but found them again long enough to type them up:

Knit in the round on circular needles, using the magic loop method.
Gauge: 5 st per inch.

CO 24 st loosely on #6 needles.
Switch to #5 needles.
Join in the round and knit as k2, p2 rib for 18 rounds.
Arrange stitches for heel flap: first 5 of next round and last 5 of previous round on one needle.
Knit these ten stitches for 8 rows.
Knit across heel flap again, then pick up 4 stitches down the side of heel, knit 14 stitches across top of foot, pick up four stitches up the side of the heel.
Arrange stitches for foot: 12 stitches on top-of-foot needle, 20 stitches on bottom-of-foot needle.
Next four rounds: Switch to stockinette for the bottom-of-foot needle, and decrease on each end of the bottom-of-foot needle.
Each needle has 12 stitches, 24 st total.
Knit a further 15 rounds (or to desired length), ending with the top-of-foot needle.
Next six rounds: switch to stockinette for all stitches, decrease 1 at each end of each needle.
Kitchener off the last 12 sts.

I’m definitely planning to make another pair — quick satisfying knit and warm baby feet are a great combo. Also, we switched from the newborn hug hold in the moby wrap to the hug hold, and now his little feet stick out and get quite chilly, so socks have been essential. The verdict is that these still don’t stay on perfectly (he can definitely get them off with some agitated kicking) but they fit his feet well and seem to stay on better than the too-small store-bought ones. Plus, there’s something satisfying about using up stash AND avoiding paying $3.50 for such a tiny item.

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