Flowers on Friday

All of the bulbs and plants in our yard are continuing to give me great joy. Last year, our yard was sort of overwhelming to me. This year, I feel slightly behind on the upkeep, but my sense of potential is back full force and I’m excited about all of the growing and planting and doing. Here’s a view of three minutes walking around the yard with a camera on the way to work this morning:

The minidaffodils in the rock wall continue to delight. I need to plant more of these. (This is the third year I’m saying this, but I’m actually writing it in my calendar for October this year, so maybe I will remember.)

Note also the periwinkle (one patch of about fifty).

You can see this crocus/tulip mix from our bedroom – gorgeous.

There are actually two groups of it (one in front of each pine tree) which is probably just as well, since one or the other seems to be in a state of perpetual carnage.

Dumb squirrels.

Our tree by the patio is all pink and blooming! Impossible to photograph (maybe Kevin would have more luck with fancy lenses?) but it’s such a pretty thing to look at when you come into the living room first thing in the morning or at the end of the workday.

Back through the house: the daffodils on the side of the house are starting to bloom! My policy is if they get top heavy and fall into the dirt, then I cut them and put them by the kitchen sink in the vase from our wedding reception. 🙂

Cheerful as all get out. I planted another 40 last fall, but still more would be awesome. I’m not sure there’s such a thing as too many daffodils.

In the front yard on the way to the car, the camellias are blooming!!!

That deserves a multitude of exclamation points, since both of the last two springs we’ve gotten a bloom or two max. Looks like pruning them when I did last year was the right time – I think that was June? Right now most of the blooms are tucked in against the house, but there’s a great view of them from the baby’s room. The white bush is also loaded with buds.

2 thoughts on “Flowers on Friday”

  1. You must prune the camilla right AFTER it blooms, as it starts it’s new blooms for the next year immediately. I have also found you need to use hand clippers so you have a really controlled prune job.

  2. Answer – No. There is no such thing as too many daffodils. ( :
    Lovely spring flowers pictures!

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