About time

New decade…

… new potholders!

Technically the old ones are only seven years old, but they’ve seen their share of spills and burns and the new ones are so pretty and cheerful. 🙂

Also in the fresh start category, a new runner for the front door!

We need something there to keep the pine needles at bay. We’ve had a beige set for about a year and a half that was supposed to wear well, but it’s perpetually grungy, the pine needles stand out way too much, and a dirty beige rug in a white hall is just sort of depressing. The new colors are so vibrant, coordinate with the paint color in the living room, and there’s enough going on with the stripes and the woven-in zig-zags that I think the overwhelming impression will just be “cheerful rug” not “ick”. 🙂 A nice change!

And there’s a matching rug for the back door!

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