Gift knitting

Good friends had a baby girl in May, and I finally, finally finished her sweater and hat and could send everything off in the mail.

Sadly, I don’t think there are any more DK lace baby projects for friends in my near future – what was an enjoyable month a year and a half ago now takes two seasons to finish. My knitting was never speedy, but I’m lucky to get in two rows most nights. That said, I loved this sweet little sweater. I pulled together portions of several patterns, and then made up a hat from scratch – both are ~12 month size. Henry modeled the hat for about .75 seconds (quite the speedy hat-puller-offer) before I washed it and he looked adorable. The closures are red/pink buttons over a double-loop of ribbon, and they somehow turned out exactly as I was envisioning. She’s the most well-dressed little thing I’ve ever seen, so hopefully this will be a good match for an outfit or two and get some wear. 🙂 The yarn was super soft and machine washable and dryable (funny how having your own baby TOTALLY changes your priorities yarn-wise!). Here’s the back.

I love this diamond eyelet. 🙂 Full details of the yarn and pattern are up on ravelry.

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