Recent hand sewing

I feel like I’ve barely been making a dent in any of my projects recently (craft, home, or garden) but there has been a small smidgeon of sewing. 7/8ths of these pant legs are hemmed:

Yay! We’re still cloth-diapering, and so our kiddo at 13 months is a solid 2T in pants now in width and still a good four inches shy in length. Our attempts to roll things only last for minutes, so now I’ve been hemming away. I can make it through about half a pant leg before he’s up, off and away and I have to drop everything to run after him. 🙂

On a similar vein, these strawberry pieces have been cut out for three weeks, and now one of them has seeds!

The list in my head still includes kitchen curtains (have the fabric, lining and hardware to make roman blinds), a tree skirt (have great fabrics and a vague idea), a Halloween costume (a bee? He loves saying brrrrrr, which could be cute as an action costume), baby pants, baby overalls, and new wet bags for daycare, since they keep losing the ones we purchased. Plus vague aspirations for quilts, wallhangings, etc. You can’t say that I ever lack for ideas. 🙂 I’ll let you know if I make any headway.

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