Pajama parade: Duck pond

I finished the first pajama set! The fabric is a cheery duck print by Eric Carle.

And there’s an awesome bright orange lining.

The shirt has a matching oval of fabric, and after basting it on, I used the same stitch to keep it in place that I used for the third birthday shirt.

So, I took the photos and looked at them on the computer, and realized the shirt seemed really, really small in comparison to the pants. (The pants, to be fair, are big – extra length to grow into and a pretty loose waist, but still.) Sure enough, I had somehow used an old (ready to be tossed) 2T shirt instead of one of the new 4T shirts. Yikes. Still not entirely sure how that happened, and whether I did it or someone else “helped” by adding the shirt to the pile. I didn’t want to take the time for a whole big redo, so I snipped a blue border, and sewed it onto a new white shirt. Tada.

I don’t like it quite as much as the navy version, but as a 12 minute correction (including rebasting and restitching), I’ll take it over an evening with the seam ripper. If I hadn’t had the navy version to compare it to, I’d be delighted with it, so this will be the last I think of the original color scheme. 🙂

The finished set:

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