Pajama parade: Washington state

I found this Washington State fabric at the local fabric store, and while the quality isn’t spectacular, the subject matter certainly is: ferries, the space needle and Seattle skyline, Rainier, lots of evergreens, the market, salmon, Dungeness crabs, apples, cherries, a combine harvester, the tulip festival, otters, umbrellas, coffee, a seaplane…

In other words, the makings of pants with a thousand stories attached, perfect for the talkative three year old who loves conversations that start with, “Do you remember when I…?”

The shirt has a matching panel.

And even though my PJ pants are always lined, they aren’t usually reversible in the strict sense – one side is usually much more interesting than the other. True here, too, but the lining is such quintessential boys PJ pants, I had to do a flipped-inside-out picture.

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