It’s been an age and a half since I saw the Olympic mountains for more than a minute in the car, pushed even further by a dark, grey fall. But today was very cold and very clear and even if I wasn’t needing a chance to stretch my legs and listen to myself think after our trip home from PA last night, the mountains were calling. 🙂 So when the kids went down for their nap, I walked for a bit in the neighborhoods above our old apartment before heading to the grocery store.

The Olympics were out, and perfect. Lake Washington was glassy-still except for the occasional boat. The barges off to the left are for the 520 bridge construction.

The Brothers:

Seattle and a blue, blue sky.

I walked back to my car along the converted rail trail. It has deep gullies on either side, and they were full of iced-over moss. It was very pretty.

One last panorama.

If anything, the Cascades on the way home were even prettier, and deep with snow.

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