New Yarn

Angela had the opening sale for her new yarn store yesterday. For now, she’s running an online site out of her apartment, so I headed over to Redmond, and walked away with this fun:

The two balls are Cascade 200, in colors 9450 and 9407. They’re both somewhat speckled, and I just can’t wait to see how they felt up — speckled cascade has amazed me with its brilliance in the past, so keep those fingers crossed. Nice summery tones, too, and a steal for the sale price. 🙂 The *lovely* All Season’s cotton from Madil is just waiting for #3 needles to be turned into Branching Out.

P.S. Want to see something bizarre? There’s a HUGE tree behind my apartment that has these foot long pods of dandelion-type seeds. They’ve been blowing densely all over the neighborhood, getting caught in all the plants and accumulating on the ground. It looks for all the world like it’s just started snowing when you glance out the window. Here are the drifts in our parking lot:

And the tree looks like none has even fallen yet. Between the leaves it dropped in the fall and our current blizzard conditions, whatever this tree might be is fast taking over oak trees as the winner of the messy category.

2 thoughts on “New Yarn”

  1. ugh, it is a cottonwood tree. i am so alergic to those things. hooray for allegra!

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