Everyone loves the yarn store

I’ve been new-project-obsessive for the last week or two, mostly after seeing the surprisingly excellent Fall 2005 Vogue Knitting). Riding on the theory that the only way to get a song out of your head is to listen to it, and in an attempt to cut down on my yarn browsing online, I took the bus over to Weaving Works. I ended up with a bag full of Lamb’s Pride Bulky (#M-77 Blue Magic) for the green cabled sweater in the Color Theory section. I had a difficult time choosing a color, but this one kept looking so pretty all the way home so I’m happy with it. (Though it looks completely different in each new light, and generally much more purple/periwinkle than this photo.) The yarn definitely sheds (prolifically), but I’ve used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece before and really liked it, and the price was right, so I’m giving it a shot. Any ideas for cutting down on the shedding once it’s done?

As for the sweater, I can’t start until I’ve weeded down a few more projects, but it’s definitely good incentive to knit faster. I don’t like the cropped look, so I’m going to do a second panel of the cables at the bottom of the body to match the bottom of the sleeves. I’m also a bit concerned that it will be *way* too wide, but I’ll have to sit down with a calculator and a gauge swatch before I decide whether to change it.

I also picked up a dark red sock yarn:

Clever me, I didn’t realize until I got home that I’d picked up the skein that they used to knit the store sample… I think I’ll have to go back and exchange it. Even with that nuisance, I love the yarn. The color is so vibrant and cozy, and the texture is very soft. Looks like the current (blasted) sock won’t be the last one. I wish I enjoyed knitting socks more, because sock yarn is so pretty.

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