Somehow I managed to make it all the way through October and only post once. Thus, it’s time for new resolutions, namely:

1. Post more frequently.

As a sign of good faith, I’ve retroactively posted to update you on a month’s worth of fish&knitting status.

As for the reasons for not posting to begin with, it basically boils down to the three days a week I’m been getting up at 6:45 for my technical writing class at UW and the related work (weak, I know, but my workday before this started at ten and ended at 6:30. It’s an adjustment.). Add in a lovely vacation to Florida (and narrow escape from Wilma. Yay for my parents, who finally have their power back and tarps on their roof.), and that’s all the excuses I have to offer. Other than the bits posted, October consisted of watching a cloudy-topped Rainier over Lake Washington on the 7:30 am bus ride to class, reveling in the leaves changing color, way too many enormous spiders, much pondering over the “right” future career decision (technical writer? fiction editor? teacher? mostly leaning toward the former, but all opinions welcome.), appreciating Weston and Brown, carpooling home with Kevin, reading Les Miserables and John Adams, missing knitting, and the beginning of group dinners with the Brown gang. If it makes any of you feel better, I didn’t buy gas once in October, so you’ve all received more attention than my car has.

(And for those who read this far and expected that the list of resolutions would contain a “2.”, I will simply smile indulgently and leave you with a picture of the shrimp:

and all three fish on the left side of the tank:

No need to overdo these things. 🙂 )

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