More Motivation

I’m still working along on the white sweater, and while I feel so close to done, the last stages are taking forever. The shoulders were originally bound off in the stairstepped rib shown below.

The resulting seams were particularily egregious. I initially tried using a kitchener stitch, then a straight seam, but the ribs didn’t match up and it looked terrible. I can’t say that this pattern has been stellar on the details. So, I ripped it back and reknit it with live stitches and matching ribbing so that I could do a three needle bindoff, which looks much better.

Then, I picked up the stitches for the ribbed collar and started knitting away. It’s taken longer than expected, and every time I try it on I decide to knit “one more inch”. One of these days, I ought to be getting close. And after Thanksgiving, where I stayed with my wonderful aunt Carol, I now have added impetus to finish quickly. She has been making beautiful beaded jewelry for ages, and when I admired a pair that somehow hadn’t sold in her last show, she gifted me with them. Wow!

They’re particularily lovely with this sweater, which is so cool because I didn’t have anything to match it. And such a pretty shape and perfect length. I’m delighted by them.

So, I have “one more inch” of the collar, seaming the two sleeves to the body (they’re already sewn into tubes), and sewing in the zipper, and the earrings will be ready to wear. 🙂

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  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! And I can empathize on the sweater. Sorry. Keep going.

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