Home. :-)

It’s so nice to be back home. The trip was so fun, and it’s wonderful to see people, but there’s something about coming back that’s just happy. The fish (and pumps!) survived, the mantles didn’t burn down (we didn’t have a tree to worry about), and the plants grew like woah:

Remember the garlic? We’re thinking we need a plant stand, since now it’s over a foot tall and we can’t close the blinds anymore.

And, a happy surprise:

The two green arrows are pointing to green buds in the strawberry plant! Neat! It’s still alive! I don’t know how much it can grow or thrive without any leaves to make energy, but I’m so encouraged to see that it’s still sending out buds. Does anyone have suggestions (fertilizer? etc?) to keep it alive and happy while it’s regrowing?

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