The March of Progress

While my old computer has not yet entirely given up the ghost, it’s been close enough for the last few years (ahem…) that I’ve been looking for a new one. I’ve been taking it apart and giving it new pieces, OS’s, etc. since senior year of college to try to mollify it, but since it has trouble staying non-crashed for long enough to load photos and write a blog post, it was increasingly apparent that it was more or less time to move on.

I’m now the proud owner of an eMachines T6524.

I’ve been moving files and programs and settings over for the last night or two (wouldn’t take so long if I didn’t keep stopping to look through old photos and college essays), so I still have my old, not-so-reliable machine plugged in on the left, along with a plethora of wires. I am exceptionally happy with it so far. I’ve known that this was my next machine since late-summer, after a lot of comparison-shopping and buoyed by the knowledge from an inside source (who lives in my apartment) that it has outdone machines that cost twice as much in his company’s performance tests. I’ll probably be putting in 1-2 more GB of memory at some point soon, and I’ll upgrade the video card before I install Vista next year, but otherwise it’s perfect. My favourite part is how wonderfully quiet it is — I can hear the fishtank gurgling downstairs over the computer sitting next to me. Bliss.

One thought on “The March of Progress”

  1. Speed. Excitement. Power. When I was your age it was all about a hot car. Today it’s computers. Amazing.

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