Catching (up with) the tang

Our tang has been with us three weeks, and is looking great.

He spends his days munching Nori and zooming round the tank. It’s very hard to get a picture of him. After about fifteen pictures like the one above, where I caught him mid-direction-change, I had a brainstorm of using our scraper to lure him to the glass. I don’t know why (does it look like a tang? Like something good to eat? A little tang demigod?), but he dearly loves the scraper, and swims tight circles around it whenever we put it in the tank. This is something of a godsend, since he still panics a bit when we put our hands in the tank, and doesn’t like when we stand next to it, even to put food in. But the second he sees the scraper, even if it’s in motion, he comes zooming over, and will follow it around the tank until it gets pulled out again. I would love to know what’s going on in his little mind.

And one more for good measure:

One more week without issues and he can go into the big tank!

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