A new season

Spring is *definitely* here. The weather isn’t much warmer, and we’ve had flowers up for ages, but the piece that finally tipped the balance in my mind is the lovely light. Sunset isn’t until after eight! On Monday night, after the first day of Kevin’s new job (yay!!), we went out for a walk/jog on the hills, then came home and grilled for the first time this year:

(Love that facial expression: “Ahh, lighter fluid. All is right with the world.”)

While we were waiting for the grill to heat and the flames to subside, I was delighted to find a bud on my chives!

This is the poor plant that was infested with aphids last summer, and got relegated to outdoors, then stayed there looking dead all winter. In the last few weeks, it’s been growing hard, and now it looks like it may flower! I know that chives sport purple flowers, but I’ve never seen them. Very cool.

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