A Sunset Sky for Janell and her sock

When I arrived at knitting last week, Janell held up her nearly completed sock and declared that it was hideous and she was over-dyeing it. I realized as I protested that the colors were pretty that this had already been a long topic of discussion, and everyone had reached a consensus that the variegated salmon and lavender colors were, indeed, disgusting. I’m still unconvinced, since to me they looked like that grey-blue-purple that the mountains get against a pink sunset. We happened to have just such a sunset last night, so here’s an illustration:

Blurry, since I had to take the flash off, but the colors are true. So pretty! See, Janell?

2 thoughts on “A Sunset Sky for Janell and her sock”

  1. “Sunset socks” are fine, if that’s what you wanted, but when you expect Halloween socks, and get salmon and lavendar- there is no where to go but down.

    I’ve purchased the Rit dye and will be dyeing them within the week. I’m sorry Susan. You know I adore you, but the socks but be overdyed.

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