Happy Fourth!

It’s hard to argue with a fourth of July spent knitting on the deck in the sun. 🙂 Comet was hanging out nearby, being very cute with his toy, so the background will have to suffice for a patriotic shot.

Dad and Sharon flew out mid-afternoon, and Comet acted like the ultimate depressed dog when they left with their suitcases. Kevin and I finally coaxed him outside, but it took a few hours before he was back to playing and looking for attention. Poor dog.

As seems to be our wont, we watched the fireworks for Center Harbor, Meredith and Laconia indoors with the lights off. Great shows from all three, plus extras from Squam Lake, an unidentified show straight across the lake, and from lots of our neighbors. The fireworks some people buy to shoot off their docks rivaled some of the town displays, so it was fun to watch.

Happy fourth, and happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

One thought on “Happy Fourth!”

  1. I love this picture- very cute of Comet and wonderful composition between the foreground and background!

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