An eventful start to the weekend!!

So when I said that 25 seemed like a “big” year, I wasn’t expecting the fun to begin quite so soon… (!)

We were having friends over for birthday cake and the red sox game last night, and Kevin proposed as everyone was showing up! 🙂 Such fun, because then the night was doubly a celebration, and it was so great to have good friends there to be so happy with us. The ring is just “for now” — $4 at Clare’s, but now we get to go ring shopping together! It keeps flying off, since it’s way too big, so I rigged a bracelet/leash for it until the real ring appears. 😀

9 thoughts on “An eventful start to the weekend!!”

  1. woohoo!!! So I didn’t read your blog until after I saw you earlier today, so I didn’t get to say congrats then, so congrats!!!! (Is that enought sos in one sentence, oh my.) 😀

  2. Even though it’s not the real ring, it still looks so pretty!! Wishing you both every happiness!!! Love, mom

  3. Congrats, Susan and Kevin! I’m so excited for my freshman roomie 🙂 Let’s catch up soon!

  4. Yay, yay, YAY!!! There is nothing in life more wonderful or rewarding than being in a fantastic marriage. Best of luck to you both.

  5. Congratulations Susan and Kevin!

    We’re so happy for you. We thought Kevin was great when we met him at Thanksgiving. We’ve always thought that you were great, of course. 😉

    (I just ran across your blog address on Bob’s Christmas letter.)

  6. Hey, Suze,

    I just heard the news from PGW the other day, and while avoiding doing real work I figured I’d see if the rumor was true. And it’s so cool that it is! Congratulations… : )

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