The Friday roundup

This has been such an exciting and fun week, but busy and not conducive to pictures. So, a recap: Pearl Jam at the gorge, skipping the company picnic due to the extreme heat, lots of wedding conversations, envying the fish. (We only have one fan, and the greater Seattle area is completely sold out. The fish’s water can’t get much over 82 degrees, and the best way to keep it in check other than buying a $200 chiller is evaporation. So, cool fish, sweltering us. Note to self: buy fans this weekend.) Plus, busyness at work, errands, ring researching, and Stitch n Pitch!!

Note knitting clutched in ring-bedecked hand. 🙂 I only made it through one row in nine innings. It’s a good thing that no one depends on my knitting ever being finished.

It seemed like a good turnout, and knitters accounted for a lot of three sections. Good fun! The eastside stitchers made a good showing, and it was fun to get to see Laura again and meet her baby in person. Very cute!

And a final picture (all of these were taken by Diana — I forgot my camera, and traffic was too miserable to go back for it. Thanks, Diana!!), to prove that we were actually at the game. It was a romp (Go Blue Jays!) and it was fun to see all of the Canadian flags flying in the park.

Good fun, I hope they do it again next year.

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