Looking for Ideas

I have 290 yards of a gorgeous color of Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk (it’s a 50-50 blend), which was a birthday present from Amanda.

I’m looking for pattern thoughts. Any ideas? I was thinking possibly a long version of these. The gauge for the yarn is 5-6 st/in. For the moment, it’s been hanging out by my computer so that I can pet it as I go by (so soft!), but it would be nice to have a project in mind for it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Looking for Ideas”

  1. Make Fetching! I am tempted to make that pattern soon too, but so many things going on, maybe I can live through you vicaruiosly? The gauge maybe a little off, but the pattern is so simple, that shouldn’t be any problem.

  2. de-lurking to let you know I’ve knit with this yarn. It’s lovely, but stretches like nothing else, and has no elasticity. I would recommend something more drapey that doesn’t need to fit well, because it will stretch. A shawl, lace, it makes for a beautiful ruffle.

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