Oh, the sunsets

Fall is Seattle’s sunset season. The days are utterly dismal when you wake up, with low, dark clouds. Things clear a bit later every day (but usually by lunch), and then it’s an 80/20 mix of clouds and sun all afternoon, before the gorgeous sunset.

I love these photos in particular. The weather always comes from the west, and if you look at the Olympics from our apartment, you’ll know what weather will be arriving in the next three hours or so. This photo has the overhead clouds and the low clouds in the hills, but that clear break speaks to a starry night.

I love the way the mountain peaks emerge from that low bank of clouds.

We’ve been looking at real estate (90% seriously/10% recreationally, or vice-versa depending on what came on the market that day), and I’m already missing the Olympics. Perhaps a bit too proactive, but they’re completely my totem mountains. Most of the houses we’d look would be Cascades-oriented instead. It’s completely not the same thing. I love our sunsets now.

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