The Seattle area has been experiencing one “storm system” after another blowing in from just north of Hawaii since Tuesday night or so. According to the weathermen, it should last through the weekend, and then abate. True to form, storm systems in Seattle (even constant waves of them) aren’t really that exciting.

It just gets even greyer than usual, and then it rains. I’ve been waiting for it to stop for a few minutes all week so that I can take the recycling out.
Kevin’s been gone all weekend for a trip back to Boston (where it’s clear and pretty but cold) to see fraternity friends, and so I’ve been hanging out, drinking tea, and watching the rain. It finally got below freezing this week, and so we decided to turn our heat is on, so it’s been comfy if housebound. One great thing is that there’s a beautiful collection of trees visible from my computer table that are all turned. They’re so bright compared to the weather — it’s gorgeous.

After taking this photo, though, I realized that it was dark enough at 1:30 pm for the neighbor’s front porch light sensor to have turned on. Bummer. I miss sunny summer weekends.

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