Week Nine

Oh, Monday Night Football was a heartbreaker. I went into the game losing 35-68. I had Seneca Wallace and the Seahawks D left to play, and Martin had Darrell Jackson (the very hit-or-miss Seattle WR).

Seneca Wallace, Sea 12
RB Marion Barber, Dal 6
RB/WR Laurence Maroney, NE 6
WR Terrell Owens, Dal 13
WR Reggie Williams, Jac 2
TE Jermaine Wiggins, Min 1
D/ST Seahawks 19
K Jason Elam, Den 7
RB Shaun Alexander 0
WR Deion Branch, Sea 12
WR Jerricho Cotchery, NYJ (BYE) 0
WR Keyshawn Johnson, Car (BYE) 0
WR Reggie Brown, Phi (BYE) 0
TE L.J. Smith, Phi (BYE) 0
D/ST Patriots (BYE) 6
QB Jon Kitna, Det 15

Jackson came out of the matchup with only 3 points (a season low), and Wallace and the defense were awesome and amazing, respectively, but I still fell six points short. Argh. I should have played Deion Branch instead of Marion Barber, but I didn’t because Deion keeps being middling and Barber keeps doing so well whenever I don’t play him. I should trade him so that I stop being tempted. (Though, to be fair, I suppose I should threaten to dump Reggie Williams, since he was three times more dismal. For some reason — perhaps Williams’s one 21-point game? — Barber gets my ire.) And not to harp, but Seattle had two calls that should have been interceptions run to touchdowns, that were instead whistled dead, and so I was completely robbed. Either would have been the difference between a 3-6 team and a 4-5 one. Argh!

That said, I’m delighted that I picked up Seneca Wallace off of waivers (he’s spunky and has a great arm, and ran 3 plays for 45 yards! And he throws for touchdowns! It’s fun to cheer for the home team, too.), and Laurence Maroney continues to delight me. It’s such a pity that kick returns don’t count for running yards, or he’d be completely amazing. T.O. needs to do less talking and more catching, though for my sister’s boyfriend’s sake, it’s hard to mind that Washington won. And my plucked-off-the-line tight end didn’t do much at all. I can’t wait till next week when everyone isn’t out on their bye week. 🙂

P.S. It’s still raining…

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