Happy Old Year

As much as I keep considering all of the things that look to make 2007 great (we’re getting married, love our families, great friends, great job, nice place to live, so many things on the list to knit…), I keep coming back to how much I liked 2006.

I finally made decisions about a career path, applied to grad school, got a wonderful job instead, competed in the Olympics, bought kayaks, learned to plumb things, went to Brown dinners, got engaged, was sucked into fantasy football, knit a lot, read a lot, learned a lot, tracked real estate obsessively, and generally had a happy year. Given all of that, my cup is rather full.

So, this year, these are my hopes:

  • See the world, especially the world nearby. More weekend trips to interesting places!
  • Become a habitual gym-goer.
  • Subject of course to the winds of fate: buy a house that we can paint, tile, and plant things around.
  • And, since the shoe thing worked out so nicely, learn to buy stylish pants, to match my shoes.

🙂 Happy new year!

2 thoughts on “Happy Old Year”

  1. Nice balance in appreciating the past while looking forward to the future. Hope you have a great year.

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