More skygazing

I didn’t make quite as much progress on the quilt as I was hoping (10 strips out of 21), but it was still an neat evening, thanks to the eclipse. Kevin got out his tripod and new fancy lens, and got some amazing photos. (He was up anyway, working on his final project for the game development certificate he’s been working on at UW for the past year.)

Here’s the sequence between 1:42 am and 3:00 am:

Neat, huh? Click on the images for the big versions — I was so impressed at the detail that he managed.

And here are the bits of sky transition squares, in the morning sunlight:

I’m feeling very hopeful that these are going to end up working out. My vision is still a bit hazy, and this example photo isn’t perfect, but I want that late-afternoon golden look that just makes the lake shine out and the mountains pop:

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